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Q: Where do I pay my vehicle taxes and register my car?
A: The Bell County Clerk’s office oversees the collection of vehicle taxes and registration of automobiles.  Please call (606) 337-6143.

Q: Where do I go to find the value of a property or dispute the valuation of my property?
A: The Property Value Assessor’s office coordinates property assessments.  Please call (606)337-2720.

Q: Where do I go to look up real estate records/deeds, etc.?
A: The Bell County Clerk’s office maintains records related to real estate.  Please call (606) 337-6143.

Q: Who do I call for a birth or death certificate?
A: The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services maintains birth certificates for persons born in Kentucky after 1911.

Q: How do I register to vote?
A: Guidelines regarding eligibility and voter registration cards are available at the Bell County Clerk’s office.  Please call (606) 337-6143.

Q: How do I get a marriage license?
A: Contact the County Clerk’s Office at (606) 337-6143. They are located in the Bell County Courthouse in Pineville.

Q: Where do I go to renew my driver’s license?
A: The Circuit Clerk has offices in Pineville (606) 337-2942 and Middlesboro (606)248-0532.

Q: Who do I get to dispose of old appliances, furniture, etc.?
A: Contact the Bell County Solid Waste at (606) 337-7035 to determine the day that they do pickups in your area.

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